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X-VR2 is a C/C++ set of development libraries and components which can be used to create all kind of applications whether they are networked, multi-threaded, or database driven is up to you and your imagination what the limits are with the current set of tools provided in this current version.
This framework is also the evolution of the former clawlib library http://sourceforge.net/projects/clawlib which was aimed as a cross-platform library for multithreaded/networked and database driven applications for the Linux and Solaris operating environments only. Today X-VR2 has lost a lot of code from clawlib and is in the process of being cross-platform as its predecessor was.


Core library

This is X-VR2's heart, it holds the code for the multi-threading facilities, String class, exception handling foundation, dynamic object loading, date/time manipulation, file i/o, etc. You will not see here container classes like vector and the other, for that please use the standard library.
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xvr2 namespace

Text library

General text-manipulation classes live here, regular expression stuff and some text-hashing facilities too.
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xvr2::Text namespace

SQL library

Provides access to SQL based databases, currently X-VR2 makes use of drivers for database connectivity, an API for developing your own driver is provided as well. As of this installment we have drivers for PostgreSQL and SQLite, eventually we will support MySQL as well as other major RDBMSes.
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xvr2::SQL namespace

Platform library

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Network library

The Network library is being revised now, must of what it currently has are some bits remaining from clawlib not that many changes, not really advanced at all and with a non-working SSL implementation, but this is about to change pretty quickly.
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